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Global information about distillation
to distillation... the basics
History of distillation techniques       
Distillation of our own lavender, stil 800 liters, 2012, Le Pompidou, France
Glass distillation the equipment you need!
Different homedistillation images             
Homedistillation of Melissa officinalis    

Old books or documents about distillation
Pdf of old books:
-Volatile oils, by Gildmeister & Hoffmann, Schimmel & Company, version 1900
-The Essential oils, by Günther , full txt (open office format), 1949, Vol II
-The Essential oils, by Günther , tiff (zip file), 1949, Vol II (too big to add here)
-The chemistry of essential oils and artificial perfumes, Ernest J Parry, London, 4the edition, 1921
-Extract of Gild & Hoffman about Backhousia oils, (German), pdf
-Extract about Citrals, Gild & Hoffmann, (German), pdf

Conference on hydrolats, Symposium Iternational D'aromathérapie scientifique, Grasse 19/20/21/march 1999
Herviane Viaud & Michel Vanhove
Histoire des hydrolats (French) pdf