Vallée Française, summer 2012, Michel Vanhove, distilling our Melissa officinalis from our garden, together with some Wwoofer volonteers.

Dear visitor, you can find on this pages all kind of information about essential oils, freely available. I will NOT allow however that these pages are copied into commercial websites
without my permission! For use on non commercial webpages and for educational purposes: please contact me at
I invite you to have a look at the old agora pages (started more than 14 years ago), a nice initiative but actually not renewed.
I think that you still will be able to discover some interesting information on it.
Our kids (3 boys) are finally adult and we can spend more time on this work again.
I will from now on gradually upgrade my webpages when I have some time (we have a busy life here in France ) with new or better information.

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Michel Vanhove Le Pompidou, 4/3/2013