Wild lavender in The Alpes de Haute Provence (lavandula angustifolia)

Aromatherapy with Michel Vanhove

this website (nature-helps.com) was created more than 25 years ago and needed some updating. I have a very busy life and business but love to share as much as possible.
I will create more and more new page whenever I find some time. I’m very happy that my work in the last 202 years helped and inspired a lot of people around the world. Never forget to point to your sources when you use wok or ideas that others had before you.
I intend to open many of my own sources through links or through my cloud library.
I will for the moment not open any comment sectors here as it is too time consuming. However, I gladly receice comments on this email: mv@nature-helps.com

Michel Vanhove
Last updated: 16/01/2019

Link to the old AGORA project pages, a project I started in 1998 together with several people active on the idma-mailing list.
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