The distillation process

What you need before you can distill:

First step

It takes a lot of aromatic plants

Average yield of plants per 100 kg:

Wild lavender)                          : 0,5 to 0.8 kg
Lavandin super                       :  1,5 to 2,00 kg                    
True Chamomile                     : 0,3 to 0,80 kg
Rosemary                                   : 0,35 to 0,4 kg
Lemon balm                              : 0,005 to 0,001 kg
Eucalyptus globulus             : 1 to 3 kg
Thyme ct linalol                       : 0,075 to 0, 1 kg
Thyme ct thymol                    : 0,15 in 0, 25 kg
Cloves                                           : approximately 15 kg…

-Harvesting wild plants in their biotope

                  Harvesting wild lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Miller) Alpes de Haute Provence

                      Harvesting St-Johns wort (Hypericum perforatum)  Cévennes

-Organic cultivated herbs

                     Harvest of the first plantation of Helichryse (Helichrysum italicum Don) in the Cévennes
                  Lemon balm from our garden (Melissa officinalis),  Le Pompidou

            Lemon balm from our garden (Melissa officinalis),  Le Pompidou

-Conventional cultivated herbs

                                    Lavandin abrial (Lavandulka x hybrida clone abrialis), Alpes de Haute Provence

                                   Clary sage ( Salvia sclarea), Alpes de Haute Provence

Second stage


The principle of distillation:

Distillation has a long history (see history).
The following apparatus are necessary:

A.  A still for the herbs

                                Still from Henry Viaud

B.  A steam generator

C. A cooling system

Eventually some filters and systems to decant

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History of distillation
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